Our solution to the new reality: Cobee Lite

por | 1 Jun 20

The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing a new reality and we have no choice but to adapt. Companies have had to reinvent themselves overnight, and look for new ways to keep moving forward and escape from all the effects this global crisis is causing.

However, this current situation has not only called into question the proper running of the business, but has also caused the relationship between employees and the company to take a U-turn.

  • Thousands of employees have had to return to their homes and telework very hard to keep the wheels of the company running.

  • But, teleworking has proved that you can keep on working at the same pace from anywhere in the world.聽That is to say, that a person living in the USA can perfectly work for a Spanish enterprise, regardless the distance between both places. And we have to thank teleworking for that.

That means that competitiveness to get a new job is going to increase, since people from other countries can also fight to get the same position without taking into consideration where they come from.

This is the future we can picture in the labor market. A high degree of competitiveness on behalf of employees all over the world and a need on behalf of enterprises to keep their employees’s talent in order to improve their motivation and confidence

Such an extreme situation means that聽enterprises have the need to reinvent themselves聽as they see that what they currently offer doesn麓t work to its full extension.聽We are experiencing a business emergency in which companies will have to open up new routes at the same time to their main activity. And that鈥檚 what we鈥檝e done at Cobee.

What motivated you to launch Cobee Lite?

Our main objective will always be聽to offer all the necessary tools to Human Resources departments, so that they continue maintaining the confidence and motivation of their employees.

Although we still offer our previous employee benefits plan, we have decided to go a step further in our proposal for digitalization and to offer the perfect solution to all companies.

We have come to several conclusions: As employees continue working from home we felt we had to respond to their new needs through an online platform. However, we did not only think about the employees. We are aware that companies currently lack the budget to invest in benefit plans, and for this reason,聽this new product from Cobee聽costs nothing to the company.

Furthermore, as we want this new employee promotion plan to reach all companies, we considered necessary not only to launchCobee Lite聽in Spain but also to internationalise the product and offer it in countries such as UK, France, Italy, Germany and Portugal.聽It is a product that offers perks to employees, so it is a service that all countries employees can applie for it and enjoy. We want to get the biggest number of enterprises regardless of the country they can from and their number of employees


What is Cobee Lite?

After analysing the entire current situation and investigating what employees really need, we decided to launch a free tool that any company, regardless of its size, can use it to continue motivating its employees:Cobee Lite.

Cobee Lite is a virtual showcase within the Cobee App where you can find great promotions and gift cards in more than 40 brands such as Carrefour, Ikea, Spotify, Amazon and many more.

We have brought together all the sectors that employees may consider most interesting on this same platform, such as food delivery, physical and mental well-being, training and culture or entertainment. Employees will enjoy these advantages under special conditions (promotions and gift cards), which will mean direct savings for them.

Cobee Lite is聽a tool that we make fully available to companies at no cost for them.


We believe that threats must be turned into opportunities, and that鈥檚 why we have launched聽Cobee Lite,聽in order to help Human Resources departmentscontinuing to look after and motivate the cornerstone of a company: its employees.


If you want to start motivating your employees for free and without effort for you, create your enterprise accountright now.


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