The Meal Voucher revolution

Start enjoying the most flexible meal voucher card in the market with Cobee. You’ll be able to freely enjoy restaurants, bars and cafés, as well as the main delivery platforms.

Start using Cobee and save money!

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All the advantages that come with the meal vouchers

No need to look for specific logos: pay at all food & beverage establishments

No need for monthly top-ups: use it at your own pace

Know how much you are saving in real time on the app

Use it with vending machines as much as you like

Contactless Visa card compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay

Why choose the meal voucher?

More and more companies are deciding to use meal vouchers as a company benefit, salary sacrifice product or a combination of the two. Find out why Cobee is the solution you need.

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With the meal voucher from Cobee, you will save money from day one each time you use it at any food & beverage business, on delivery platforms and even on vending machines.

The advantages that come with the Cobee card

Paper vouchers

  • No time needed to hand them over in person
  • Compatible with teleworking
  • Temporary inclusion or exclusion of employees
  • No need to place orders
  • Amounts updated immediately
  • Modern and contemporary image

Other cards

  • No time needed to hand them over in person
  • Compatible with teleworking
  • Temporary inclusion or exclusion of employees
  • No need to place orders
  • Amounts updated immediately
  • Modern and contemporary image

Cobee card

  • No time needed to hand them over in person
  • Compatible with teleworking
  • Temporary inclusion or exclusion of employees
  • No need to place orders
  • Amounts updated immediately
  • Modern and contemporary image

A genuinely unique experience in the market

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Fully digital, intuitive and easy-to-use platform

Flexibilidad ticket restaurante Cobee


No need for monthly top-ups

Ahorro ticket restaurante Cobee


Tax benefits for company and workforce

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Physical card, virtual card and app for managing your benefits


Create the perfect Benefits Plan for your company

Besides the meal voucher, with Cobee you can create a personalised Benefits and Flexible Remuneration plan for your teams. Discover all the advantages!


Restaurants, bars, snack bars… If they serve food, you can pay for it with Cobee.



Journeys on public transport. Bus, metro and train, all at your feet.



Endless catalogue of childcare centres and nursery schools for children aged 0-3 years.



Languages, online courses, MBA…Pick one and grow your mind.



Complete coverage for you and also your partner and/or children.



Hire car schemes at super competitive prices.



Financial support for you and your family during difficult periods.



Discounts with top brands and retailers: Amazon, Spotify, Zalando…



A chance to start saving today and planning for your tomorrow.



Emotional support to improve and take care of your well-being.


What our customers say

I love paying with Cobee. It’s the default card on my phone so I never forget to use it.

Carlota Alonso Martínez
Senior Account Executive

We chose Cobee because it suits the needs of our team perfectly. It is very easy to use.

Rute Pereira
Head of People

The administrative workload has shrunk a lot and employees have much more flexibility.

Carla Santamaría
People Operations Lead

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The expiry date of meal vouchers depends on the provider.

Until cards like the one from Cobee arrived, companies provided each employee with as many vouchers as there were working days in the month. The disadvantage of that system is that many employees find themselves with a whole bunch of vouchers they “have” to use at the end of the month so they don’t go to waste. To give companies and employees more flexibility and control, Cobee lets the company set whatever criteria it wants. It can give employees complete freedom, the only restriction being the €220 per month limit defined by law for Salary Sacrifice, or it can set certain specific consumption criteria. For example: the card can only be used on working days and between certain hours of the day.


As from 1 January 2018, the law states that restaurant vouchers are tax-exempt up to €11 per working day. Usually, the monthly maximum is considered to be €220. Any amounts above this are not tax exempt. If the company decides to do so, employees can save up their Cobee balance and spend more on certain days than on others. This is one of the advantages that employees value most highly.

A few years ago, vouchers on paper were the only option that existed. Nowadays, in order to offer a better experience to employees, that paper has been transformed into a card that brings a number of advantages. Cobee is committed to complete independence from the company for employees. This means a huge administrative workload can be lifted from the company: there is no need to hand out vouchers monthly or on a regular basis but rather the employee can make use of the card at their own pace. Employees value the ability to freely choose the place and amount they want to spend very highly.

That will depend on the terms and conditions set by the company, and the advantages and flexibility offered by the platform. Generally speaking though, yes, they can also be used for dinners because employees are given greater flexibility and more ways to use them..

By using the Cobee card, employees will save up to 30%* of what they spend on meals due to the tax exemption enjoyed by this benefit, which will mean an increase to their available net income. Furthermore, companies can deduct those same amounts from the figure used to calculate Corporate Income Tax.

We want to make it even easier for you: unlike traditional meal vouchers or other platforms, the Cobee revolution means there is no need for monthly top-ups. You can adjust the amounts offered to your employees whenever you want and they can save up their balance to spend it whenever they want, at their own pace.

You will enjoy an all-in-one platform that is fully digital for tracking the status of each employee and therefore enable or disable their cards immediately, hassle-free.

*Depending on the salary and the Personal Income Tax withholding

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