Life insurance that will protect your workforce

Protect your team and their families with one of the most highly valued benefits: group life insurance. Make the most of significant discounts and attract the best talent with this insurance coverage.

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All the advantages of our
life insurance

It offers a huge saving when compared with individual policies

Security and peace of mind for all team members and their families

Compatible with other policies: you can have several insurance policies at the same time

Attract and retain talent: boosts loyalty

Coverage can be personalised to suit your needs

Why choose company life insurance?

Group life insurance policies have become one of the most highly valued benefits at work.

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Attract and retain the best talent with the life insurance benefit, one of the tools providing the most stability and peace of mind to employees and their families.

A genuinely unique experience in the market

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Fully digital, intuitive and easy-to-use platform

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No need for monthly top-ups

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Tax benefits for company and workforce

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Physical card, virtual card and app for managing your benefits

Create the perfect Benefits Plan for your company

Besides the life insurance, with Cobee you can create a personalised Benefits and Flexible Remuneration plan for your teams. Discover all the advantages!


Restaurants, bars, snack bars… If they serve food, you can pay for it with Cobee.



Journeys on public transport. Bus, metro and train, all at your feet.



Endless catalogue of childcare centres and nursery schools for children aged 0-3 years.



Languages, online courses, MBA…Pick one and grow your mind.



Complete coverage for you and also your partner and/or children.



Hire car schemes at super competitive prices.



Financial support for you and your family during difficult periods.



Discounts with top brands and retailers: Amazon, Spotify, Zalando…



A chance to start saving today and planning for your tomorrow.



Emotional support to improve and take care of your well-being.


What our customers say

I love paying with Cobee. It’s the default card on my phone so I never forget to use it.

Carlota Alonso Martínez
Senior Account Executive

We chose Cobee because it suits the needs of our team perfectly. It is very easy to use.

Rute Pereira
Head of People

The administrative workload has shrunk a lot and employees have much more flexibility.

Carla Santamaría
People Operations Lead

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The Life Insurance Benefit is a policy that protects the family of the insured party in the event of death of the insured party, or the insured parties themselves in the event of total permanent invalidity, absolute permanent invalidity or disability.

Before taking out the insurance, the policyholder designates a beneficiary who will receive the compensation when the policyholder dies. Beneficiaries are usually spouses or descendants, although it is possible to designate ancestors or other relatives.

Companies mostly offer this product as a Company Benefit by fully subsidising the Life Insurance policy of their employees given that this is required nowadays under collective bargaining agreements with a company or at a sectoral level.

At present, this is the only available way to offer this benefit via Cobee and we recommend checking your collective bargaining agreement before contracting the product.

This benefit is not tax exempt, so employees are liable for income tax. Furthermore, as it is considered remuneration in kind, it is subject to its general limits. The total amount of remuneration in kind should not exceed 30% of the employee’s gross annual salary and the salary in cash must be higher than the minimum guaranteed interprofessional wage (SMI).

There are two types of life insurance depending on the number of insured parties:

Group life insurance is a policy that the company takes out on behalf of a group of employees.

Individual life insurance is a policy that is taken out by a person without being related to a company, freely choosing a more specific and open cover.

Three types of cover are offered:

Death: covers the death of the insured party.

Absolute Permanent Invalidity: covers the declaration of invalidity in cases where the employee is unable to perform any type of work.

Total Permanent Invalidity: covers the declaration of invalidity in cases where the employee is unable to perform current work.

Some insurance companies also include serious illnesses as an additional cover.

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