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Save lots of time and money with a truly all-in-one benefits platform. Create the most flexible compensation plan in the market with just a single click. Hassle-free

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One single platform for everything you need

  • Benefits that are brought together in one place and always available. Without the middleman.
  • Automated processes and admin tasks; gone are the days of paperwork and manual management.
  • Models which are personalised and tailored to each employee or group.
  • The same investment, triple the return: save money and time while boosting well-being.

Your company's benefits plan in just 3 clicks

1. Add to Your Team

Create a single group or as many groups as you want to customize their experiences according to the needs of each moment.

2. Choose the Plan

Give your team the option to save by consuming directly from their payroll, charge it to the company’s account, or mix it as you wish.

Flexible Remuneration

The most popular savings option: empower your teams to allocate a portion of their salary to purchase products and services at a reduced price. 

Your workforce gets to choose: Meals, Transport, Nursery, Training…

Maximise their salary with significant tax savings

Company Benefit in product form

A salary supplement beyond the payroll consisting of a single benefit or as many as you desire.

You choose: Meals, Transportation, Childcare, Health Insurance, Training…

The impact is equivalent to a salary increase.

Company Benefit in wallet form

You decide the amount, and your team uses it as they please on the benefits and products of your choice.

Choose company benefits or allow them to use it on any product.

A salary enhancement highly valued by the staff.


The best stores, with reduced prices. Sales 24/7!

A marketplace with exclusive discounts on major brands: Amazon, Zalando, Nike, H&M, Uber…

3. Activate the Benefits

With just one click, you can add new benefits. Always available, without intermediaries and without endless negotiations.





Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Pension Plans


Mental Health


All the advantages and benefits on a single card

  • Forget about needing a different card for each benefit: now you can enjoy them all with just one.
  • See all your transactions and the money you save on the app in real time.
  • Pay however you like using your physical VISA card or your virtual card.
  • Start saving money from day one: make the most of all the tax advantages.

Your compensation plan has never been easier

1. View your transactions and savings

See all your transactions and the money you save in real time.


2. Discover all the products

See all the benefits and advantages available to you under the compensation plan from your company

Flexible Remuneration

Enjoy products and services with significant tax advantages that will let you save money every month.

Activate all the benefits offered by your company: Meals, Transport, Nursery…

Increase your disposable income by paying for those benefits with your Cobee card.





Company Benefit in product form

Activate and enjoy all the company benefits in product form that your company is offering.

Be smarter by making the most of this method to enjoy products and services while also increasing your disposable income: Health Insurance, Meals, Transport…


Company Benefit in wallet form

Enjoy benefits and products by using the wallet created by your company without reducing your salary.

You decide how to use them, at your own pace.





Enjoy the best prices at your favourite stores.

You will find exclusive discounts for your regular stores, such as Amazon, Zalando, Nike or H&M, as well as for transport and delivery services, such as Uber.

What are you waiting for? Start saving money now!

Improved well-being for the whole company

2XTechnology made easier

50%Reduced admin workload

75%Employee uptake

100%Workforce satisfaction

Our stories.

Do you know why more and more companies are joining the Cobee benefits revolution?

Discover how thousands of people now enjoy improved well-being.

caso de éxito de hipoges

Juan Neble- Hipoges

“We knew it was essential to have a salary sacrifice system capable of meeting the financial health needs of all employees”

twenix casos exito

Beatriz López- Twenix


“Our salary sacrifice plans have been welcomed across the board with Cobee. The teams have given us some very positive feedback on all the benefits”.

publicis casos exito

Ana Arias- Publicis 


“Absolutely every employee, without exception, can use and benefit from Cobee”

trucksters casos de exito

Rute Pereira- Trucksters 

“We were looking for a way to improve the benefits we offer to our employees and we saw that Cobee suited our needs perfectly”


Alejandro Teruel- Bipi

“If you’re looking for a flexible and agile tool that employees will value highly, Cobee is for you”

Carla Santamaría – HolaLuz

“The administrative workload has lessened considerably and, also, the employees have much more flexibility when it comes to choosing their benefits”

Garazi Marqués – Glovo

“The employees here at Glovo love Cobee! Within four months, 80% of them have signed up to it thanks to the flexible salary package being digital and the fact the products are all brought together”

Arancha Fernández – Línea Directa

“With Cobee, we have increased employee uptake of benefit plans by 50% in less than one year”

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