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Give your employees the best IT equipment so they can easily set up their own office wherever they want. Enjoy the best partners for access to the best electronic products at the best prices.

Get your IT Equipment plan with Cobee now!

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The advantages of
IT equipment with Cobee

Enjoy the latest technology and electronics at the best price

Access the best products for teleworking and set up your own office wherever you want

Make the most of the tax advantages in the Basque Country and Navarre, and save money when buying electronics

Total flexibility: choose a product via your app and pay for it using your Cobee card

Why choose an IT equipment plan for your company?

With Cobee, you can improve working conditions for your employees via the IT Equipment benefit so they can access technology products for teleworking at the best prices.

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Computers, tablets, mice, headphones, microphones… Improve the well-being of your workforce by giving them the best technology to work from home at the best prices.

A genuinely unique experience in the market

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Fully digital, intuitive and easy-to-use platform

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No need for monthly top-ups

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Tax benefits for company and workforce

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Physical card, virtual card and app for managing your benefits

Create the perfect Benefits Plan for your company

Besides the IT equipment, with Cobee you can create a personalised Benefits and Flexible Remuneration plan for your teams. Discover all the advantages!


Restaurants, bars, snack bars… If they serve food, you can pay for it with Cobee.



Journeys on public transport. Bus, metro and train, all at your feet.



Endless catalogue of childcare centres and nursery schools for children aged 0-3 years.



Languages, online courses, MBA…Pick one and grow your mind.



Complete coverage for you and also your partner and/or children.



Hire car schemes at super competitive prices.



Financial support for you and your family during difficult periods.



Discounts with top brands and retailers: Amazon, Spotify, Zalando…



A chance to start saving today and planning for your tomorrow.



Emotional support to improve and take care of your well-being.


What our customers say

I love paying with Cobee. It’s the default card on my phone so I never forget to use it.

Carlota Alonso Martínez
Senior Account Executive

We chose Cobee because it suits the needs of our team perfectly. It is very easy to use.

Rute Pereira
Head of People

The administrative workload has shrunk a lot and employees have much more flexibility.

Carla Santamaría
People Operations Lead


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With this benefit, your company can let employees buy IT equipment and electronics (such as computers, tablets, headphones, mice, keyboards, etc.) to get their job done more effectively. The company allocates a budget per person so they can set up their own office at home.

By buying products via the IT equipment benefit, employees will enjoy discounts when using sales platforms that offer the best prices.

Furthermore, employees living in the Basque Country and Navarre will enjoy tax advantages when buying this equipment.

Via the Cobee app, all users with an active IT equipment benefit at their company will be able to order the products they need. We use exclusive catalogues with specific partners so the purchase can only be made via the Cobee app on the platform with which we have an agreement for the sale of these products.

You will be able to access the platform via the Cobee app to choose whatever you want (computers, tablets, headphones, keyboards, etc.).  Orders may be approved or denied by your company. The employee will receive a notification. If an order is approved, the employee can buy the chosen product using their Cobee card.

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