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Software for personnel administration, contract and overtime management, and HR management.

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SAP SuccessFactors

A platform for the management of human capital using the Software as a Service model

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A digital human resources management solution for overseeing, managing and keeping employees connected.

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Cloud-based information system software for financial management and human capital management.

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Oracle HCM

A cloud-based HCM software applications package for comprehensive human resources management

Personio logo cobee


Human resources software aimed at start-ups and SMEs for efficient and customisable management.



Human resources software developed to digitalise companies through the integration of human management processes.

Sesame HR logo cobee

Sesame HR

A multi-device platform that enables all HR processes to be digitalised and simplified for business management.

Deel logo cobee


It provides hiring and payment services to companies that hire international employees and contractors.

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AFAS Software

They develop innovative software products for the business market and human resources teams.

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Azure AD

It helps employees access external resources, such as Microsoft 365, Azure Portal and other SaaS applications.

Bamboo HR logo cobee


It manages recruitment processes, the storage of CVs and applicant tracking.

Charlie logo cobee


Cloud-based human resources software that streamlines administrative tasks within HR processes.

DATEV logo cobee


A technical information services provider for tax advisers, auditors, lawyers, their clients and companies in general.



Entirely customisable, modular and evolutionary software designed for human resources management.

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Google Workspace

It encompasses such applications as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Meet in a single integrated workspace for teams.

Gusto logo cobee


HR platform for the comprehensive management of payrolls, health insurance and team management tools.

Hailey HR logo cobee

Hailey HR

Integrated HR solution with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with smart automation and advanced analysis.

Heaven HR logo cobee

Heaven HR

It offers solutions and services in the field of human resources that are focused on training and recruitment.

HRworks logo cobee


Software that simplifies the day-to-day operation of human resources and accounting departments.

Humaans logo cobee


Software that maintains, manages and processes information on companies and human resources teams.

IRIS cascade logo cobee

IRIS cascade

Human resources software that can be easily adapted to the specific needs of each organisation.

Kenjo logo cobee


All-in-one HR software aimed at SMEs for managing the company, streamlining results and driving development.

Lucca logo cobee


Automated human resources management software for controlling absences, work schedules and holidays.

Nmbrs logo cobee


Human resources and payroll software created for employees and management from HR teams.

Officient logo cobee


Intuitive HR software that helps manage the entire personnel administration process.

Okta logo cobee


Identity and access management platform that enables HR teams to manage access to their services.

Payfit logo cobee


HR software for easily, flexibly and reliably managing the work history of an entire company.

PeopleHR logo cobee


An automated, simple and digital platform for the management of human resources teams.

Remote logo cobee


A global human resources platform that simplifies the management of global teams.

Rippling logo cobee


A global platform for the administration of human resources, IT and finance teams

Silae logo cobee


Software that provides digital solutions for simplifying your management of human resources teams.

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rexx systems

Easy-to-use and highly scalable software in the areas of human resources, talent management and digital applications.


The main purpose of an integration is to create a more complete solution for users by adding links between third-party systems and platforms. It therefore enables more external features to be built in to your application and a solution with more services to be created while offering a more advanced experience.

HR teams work with large volumes of data from employees, and integrations simplify their work by connecting various applications so that copying, sharing or passing information from one to another is a quick and easy process.

It makes sense for a company to implement an integration when it encounters exponential application and data growth. The integration will help connect all the applications it uses into the same data model so they can work together in real time. 

Integrations help the various users do their work, both within and outside the company. They simplify interaction between partners and colleagues, enrich and obtain better results from the user experience, leaders can make decisions based on actual data, and employees can use their data in real time while modifying them automatically.

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