About us

Cobee takes benefits management and flexible compensation to another level with a 100% digital platform focused on the well-being of the workforce.

With just one click, both companies and individuals have access to all the benefits for employees on the web and in their mobile app, without intermediaries or complications.

Human Resources departments have a powerful compensation tool that drastically reduces procedures and paperwork and improves the company’s employer branding.

For their part, workers have in one place, and on a single card, all the benefits to use when and how they want, consulting their consumption and savings in real time, as well as the impact on their compensation, which improves their motivation and feeling of belonging with the companies.

Quienes somos

With our benefits, everyone wins


For the companies

  • Automates and reduces the administrative burden of the HR and Administration departments.
  • Without having to hire several separate suppliers and without tedious back-and-forth with employees. A simple contract, without intermediaries or large implementation costs.
  • Increased ratios of staff adherence to business benefit plans: up to 80% with Cobee, compared to 15-30% with other systems.
  • Team motivation and talent retention: salary improvement without the need to increase expenses.

For the employees

  • All the benefits and advantages in a single product.
  • Total flexibility: the only platform that allows company members to consume their benefits when and how they want. Without hiring windows and without blocking amounts of your salary in advance for your flexible remuneration.
  • Transparency in spending and real-time monitoring of savings achieved through the app as well as the impact on compensation.
  • Increase in your salary up to 15% per year (depending on your personal income tax withholding).

This is the story of Cobee


  • Cobee is born
  • Global BBVA Open Talent 2019 winner
  • South Summit 2019 finalist


  • Development of new products with benefits such as Meals, Coupons, Transportations, Nurseries, Training and Medical Insurance
  • First large clients of more than 1,000 employees on staff.
  • Funding round: 2,1M€


  • Lanzamiento Cobee Portugal
  • Cobee Broker is born
  • Funding round: Serie A 14M€


  • > 100 employees
  • The virtual card arrives
  • Funding round: Serie B 40M€
  • Launch of new benefits: Physical Wellbeing (gyms) and IT Products


  • Launch of Cobee México

Our roadmap


We want to become the most desired solution by employees for their compensation.


We want to improve the general well-being of people who are part of companies and make them feel more committed to their organizations.


We help all types of companies around the world to optimize the total compensation of their teams. At the same time, we strive to offer to employees a unified, flexible and easy experience about their compensation.

The values that run through our veins

Always excellent but humble

Our degree of demand and our standards are the highest. At the same time, we approach our endeavors with little ego, openness and flexibility.

We innovate collaboratively

The best ideas come from teamwork, diversity and collaboration, so we encourage everyone to participate in decision-making.

We show responsability

We work with total autonomy to be agile, and we treat the company’s resources as if they were our own.

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