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Avatel Telecom: less administrative burden for HR and more satisfaction for the workforce

Ruben Folgado |

Avatel Telecom, a national telecommunications operator and leader in the local sector, has managed to position itself in little more than a decade as a benchmark in the sector in Spain, offering optic fiber, mobile and fixed telephony, and TV services.

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Tax savings and revolution

One of the company’s premises is the welfare of its employees. For this reason, the operator has set up a benefits plan with Cobee for its employees: “At Avatel we believe in our employees and we always think of their own benefit. That’s why we thought that creating a compensation and benefits plan would be the best thing for them, especially for tax savings,” says Andrea Gil, HR technician at Avatel.

“We decided to go with Cobee because of the revolution it has brought to the market and because it offers all the benefits in a single solution,” Gil adds.

Greater efficiency in personnel management: less administrative tasks

One of the most significant changes experienced within Avatel’s human resources department since the implementation of Cobee has been the simplification of management tasks in its benefits plan: “We now spend far fewer hours on administrative tasks and can devote more time to data analysis,” says Gil. 

We now spend far fewer hours on administrative tasks and can devote more time to data analysis.

But these improvements have not only been noticed by the HR department: “Employees are now very happy to have just one card for all benefits. They see everything they save and consume in a much simpler way,” he adds.

Before Cobee, the percentage of adherence to the benefit plan was very small.

And this improved perception and the flexibility of Cobee have made the numbers more positive: “Day by day we are improving the membership rate. Before Cobee, the percentage was very small,” Gil concludes.

This improvement is also helped by the more continuous and fluid communication with all members of staff to help them understand how their benefit plans work and all the advantages they bring them.

Flexibility and savings, the keys to staff satisfaction

For employees, having tools such as flexible remuneration and benefit plans is very important: “I value it very highly. In the 21st century, allowing flexible remuneration is fundamental”, says Alejandro Méndez, Finance Technician at Avatel. “In my previous company we didn’t have benefit plans, in Avatel we did, but it wasn’t as flexible. The Cobee app is useful and very intuitive. Before it was not so easy to follow up,” he adds.

The Cobee app is useful and very intuitive. In the past, it was not so easy to track

“I use all the benefits that Avatel has activated and I try to get the most out of each one,” says Leticia Rodríguez, Finance Technician at Avatel.

In many cases, the success of benefit plans lies in educating people about them. “In HR, we explain what flexible remuneration is and how it works for tax purposes,” Gil concludes.

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