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Bipi: digital subscription comes to cars too

Ruben Folgado |

Music, cinema, food, textiles… The number of sectors that have embraced online subscriptions is growing all the time, but why shouldn’t this trend also apply to the world of mobility? Thanks to Bipi, car subscription is here to stay.

The Spanish startup provides an alternative to buying a car with its subscription system that includes all costs (insurance, maintenance, taxes, etc.) in a single payment. And all this with the flexibility that this modality provides, as each person can choose the type of vehicle they want with all the features they need for a specific period of time.

In addition, Bipi also has Bipi for Employees, so that members of the same company can benefit from its vehicle subscription platform with the advantages and savings offered by the Flexible Benefits.

The pride of working at Bipi


Founded in 2017, Bipi already has 200 people in its teams. “Our philosophy is clear: Make the day-to-day at work as fun and dynamic as possible to get people who work with a permanent smile,” the company says. “Not only for productivity, but also to achieve a sense of pride in working for Bipi”, they add.

Precisely, to achieve this well-being at work, Bipi points out that its corporate culture “is based on understanding that we work with human beings, however technological and digital we may be”. The values on which the company is based include “trust, teamwork, integrity, continuous improvement, innovation and courage”.

We work with human beings, however technological and digital we are.

To take the pulse of the company’s well-being, the human resources department carries out “informal feedback-gathering actions”. “Our main challenge is to understand the real motivations of each person and to be able to adapt quickly,” they stress. 

Bipi already operates in several countries besides Spain. It has a presence in France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, which is why the company stresses that “we try to have a common base, but we study the small cultural differences in each country in order to adapt”.

Teamwork and flexibility

Bipi’s exponential growth has led the company to open new offices. “In January 2022 we will inaugurate our new facilities. It is an open space concept, nobody has an office, not even the directors. But there are plenty of meeting rooms, boxes, creative thinking spaces and relaxation areas”, they point out.

While we are clear about the benefits of working at home, we want to maintain the personal contact that occurs in the office.

The hybrid work model is the one chosen by the startup, and all staff have the option of working from home two days a week. “While we are clear about the benefits of working from home, we want to maintain the personal contact that happens in the office,” they conclude.

Flexible compensation plans

And in addition to the commitment to work-life balance and flexibility, Bipi carries out different initiatives to promote the happiness of all its staff: “We offer various social benefits such as sports activities/subsidised gym, discounts on our fleet of cars, health insurance, discount club, free fruit and coffee, being able to bring your dog to the office… and, of course, the Flexible Remuneration Plan with Cobee”.

When opting for the Cobee’s Compensation Plan, Bipi points out that “the most important thing is that the person sees it as something useful and motivating so that he or she is convinced that the company is constantly thinking about making his or her professional or personal life happier”. 

They also conclude that with this Flexible Remuneration plan, Bipi sought to “adapt to the specific needs of employees and avoid the rigidity” of other models.

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