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Creating the perfect benefits plan for you and your employees is possible. Find the flexibility you need and give your team the control they deserve.

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The new age of flexible compensation begins here


All of the benefits in one stand-alone solution

as standard

Plans tailored to each and every employee


No red tape and no paperwork

Always customisable

Real people and real needs, no trends

All-in-one platform

Be in control of each benefit, from start to finish

  • An intuitive and centralised platform, which houses all of your benefits.
  • There are no layers of fees or renewals and we don´t rely on third parties.
  • Incident tracking: we monitor the whole process so as to resolve any issues.

Flexibility as standard

Create a completely flexible compensation package

  • Activate and deactivate benefits with one simple click.
  • Create different groups and add employees when you want.
  • Check what´s being used and who is using it in real time.

100% Digital

Save time with automated processes and tasks

  • Automated payroll process and fiscal caps.
  • Onboardings and offboarding brought in the same place.
  • Reports and graphs detailing consumption and employee uptake in real time.

Always customisable

Get a unique experience for each employee

  • Ultimate control: they decide how and when they redeem their benefits.
  • Benefits tailored to each employee and not the other way around.
  • Complete independence via the app and a visa card.

Smart Remuneration

Everything you need to improve the wellbeing of your employees

All the benefits that your employees may need, Cobee makes them available for you.

This way, all you have to do is click and put them at your employee’s disposal.

How to get started

An all-in-one platform designed to lessen your daily burden

Integrating benefits into one single platform

Digital activation for each employee

Onboarding and offboarding in the same place

Automated payroll process

Reports and insights
in real time




Restaurants, bars, snack bars… If they serve food, you can pay for it with Cobee.



Journeys on public transport. Bus, metro and train, all at your feet.



Endless catalogue of childcare centres and nursery schools for children aged 0-3 years.



Languages, online courses, MBA…Pick one and grow your mind.



Complete coverage for you and also your partner and/or children.



Hire car schemes at super competitive prices.



Financial support for you and your family during difficult periods.



Discounts with top brands and retailers: Amazon, Spotify, Zalando…



A chance to start saving today and planning for your tomorrow.



Emotional support to improve and take care of your well-being.


Our stories

Because if your plan is a success, our motivation and enthusiasm will only grow. Every day we will continue to explore the big ol’ universe of benefits and bring you everything that, as of right now, doesn’t exist.

More and more customers are signing up to Cobee, do you fancy knowing why?


Carla Santamaría – HolaLuz

“The administrative workload has lessened considerable and, also, the employees have much more flexibility when it comes to choosing their benefits. Introducing Cobee at Holaluz has been a complete and utter succes”.

Garazi Marqués – Glovo

“The employees here at Glovo love Cobee! Within four months, 80% of them have signed up to it thanks to the flexible salary package being digital and the fact the products are all brought together”.

Arancha Fernández – Línea Directa

“With Cobee we have increased employee adherence to benefit plans by 50% in less than a year”.

Patricia Pérez – Colvin

“The employees’ favorite part is how detailed and visually appealing the Cobee app is: they see straight away when they save money and when they redeem a benefit…In our office practically 100% of our employees are signed up to it”.

The world has changed, has your company changed with it?

People’s needs have changed. Tailor your company’s benefits plan to each one of your employees. Request a demo and let yourself be walked through the process by our experts.

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