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Create a personalised company benefits plan for your team and increase their disposable income without raising their tax costs. Choose the benefits you need, easily and with complete flexibility, to improve their happiness and motivation. What are you waiting for?

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Thousands of companies just like yours are already using Cobee every day

The success of company benefits at the most innovative companies


All the benefits in one stand-alone solution


Plans that are tailored to each individual

100% digital

Service via the website and app


A single card for all the services


Total control over your Flexible Remuneration plan

  • A digital, intuitive and centralised platform based on a website and an app.
  • Forget about depending on third parties, no middlemen and no fees.
  • Comprehensive guidance and support throughout the whole process.


A fully personalised compensation system

  • Activate and deactivate benefits with a simple click, it’s as simple as that.
  • Create different groups and add or remove people to/from your teams whenever you want.
  • Check what’s being used and who is using it in real time.

100% digital

Save time with automated processes and tasks

  • Automated payroll process and fiscal caps.
  • With a contactless virtual Visa card for accessing all the benefits.
  • Access comprehensive information at the click of a button on the website and app.


Lessen the fiscal burden and attract the best talent to your company

  • Improve your employer branding with the flexibility that professionals are looking for today.
  • Help your workforce improve wage performance without increasing labour costs.
  • Adapt your plans to the needs that arise at any given time with complete freedom.

Smart remuneration

Well-being for your teams is now just a click away

Choose the company benefits that best suit the needs of your workforce.

This way, all you have to do is click and put them at your employees’ disposal.

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The all-in-one platform that will lessen your daily burden

Integrating benefits into one single platform

Activating people with a single click

Onboarding and offboarding in the same place

Automated payroll process

All the info in real time

Constant incident tracking

Tailored and direct support

Configure the flexible remuneration plan that best suits you


Restaurants, bars, snack bars… If they serve food, you can pay for it with Cobee.



Journeys on public transport. Bus, metro and train, all at your feet.



Endless catalogue of childcare centres and nursery schools for children aged 0-3 years.



Languages, online courses, MBA…Pick one and grow your mind.



Complete coverage for you and also your partner and/or children.



Hire car schemes at super competitive prices.



Financial support for you and your family during difficult periods.



Discounts with top brands and retailers: Amazon, Spotify, Zalando…



A chance to start saving today and planning for your tomorrow.



Emotional support to improve and take care of your well-being.


What do our customers think about Flexible Remuneration?

Do you want to know why more and more companies are trusting Cobee to create their flexible remuneration plans? Here are a few examples

caso de éxito de hipoges

Juan Neble- Hipoges 

“We knew it was essential to have a salary sacrifice system capable of meeting the financial health needs of all employees”

twenix casos exito

Beatriz López- Twenix

“Our salary sacrifice plans have been welcomed across the board with Cobee. The teams have given us some very positive feedback on all the benefits”

publicis casos exito

Ana Arias- Publicis 

“Absolutely every employee, without exception, can use and benefit from Cobee”

trucksters casos de exito

Rute Pereira- Trucksters 

“We were looking for a way to improve the benefits we offer to our employees and we saw that Cobee suited our needs perfectly”


Alejandro Teruel- Bipi

“If you’re looking for a flexible and agile tool that employees will value highly, Cobee is for you”

Carla Santamaría – Holaluz

“The administrative workload has lessened considerably and, also, the employees have much more flexibility when it comes to choosing their benefits”


Garazi Marqués – Glovo

“The employees here at Glovo love Cobee! Within four months, 80% of them have signed up to it thanks to the flexible salary package being digital and the fact the products are all brought together”

Silvia Martínez – Gi Group

“We needed a solution that could fully adapt to everyone who works at Gi Group. Cobee is that solution. What’s more, it turns Salary Sacrifice into something you can see, something tangible”

The world has changed, has your company changed with it?

People’s needs have changed. Adapt your company’s salary sacrifice plan to each member of your team

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Company benefits are a non-monetary form of remuneration that company employees receive in addition to a regular salary for services rendered.

This remuneration is offered by companies as a way to improve quality of life for their teams via more favourable conditions when paying for such services as transport, meals, training or nursery. The cost of these benefits is entirely paid for by the company based on collective bargaining agreements or internal policies.

The teams that make use of company benefits enjoy numerous advantages. Those advantages include improved employer branding or a better corporate culture at the company. Furthermore, they substantially boost employee motivation because they enable personal development at the company. They are also a powerful tool for attracting and retaining talent within an increasingly competitive and diversified market.

Another major advantage is the option to improve work-life balance through such tools as nursery vouchers. From an economic point of view, certain benefits are tax-exempt and that means that budgetary optimisation is another advantage to be gained from this system.

Any company that starts to design a benefits plan should be able to identify the needs of its teams and offer personalised compensation to suit each individual. In order to implement a tailored benefits plan, we recommend following all the steps below:

  1. Set a budget
  2. Know what your workforce needs
  3. Choose the benefits
  4. Design your plan
  5. Communicate your benefits plan
  6. Measure the results

These terms are often confused. When we talk about “implementing a company benefits plan”, it seems obvious that this involves implementing a series of company benefits that the company offers to its team over and above their salary. Nonetheless, “implementing a company benefits plan” can sometimes also refer to implementing a salary sacrifice plan.

So, any misuse of these terms aside, what is the difference between company benefits and salary sacrifice?

The most important difference is that company benefits are a non-monetary form of remuneration over and above a salary while salary sacrifice means that anyone who has taken up the plan allocates a part of their salary to the purchase of certain products or services included in their plan.

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