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Playtomic: Benefit plans that ease People’s burden and improve staff engagement

Ainara Cabello |

Playtomic is the ultimate connection for racket sports enthusiasts. It connects racket sports players to organise matches between strangers by matching them based on their level.

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Founded in 2017 by Pablo Carro, Félix Ruiz and Pedro Clavería, Playtomic was born as a SW for booking management for Sports Clubs and in 2019 they launched the court booking app. It started its operations as a padel court booking app and later expanded to other racket sports and team sports. 

Playtomic has become a household name for amateur padel and tennis players in Spain, Europe and practically the world. All thanks to its ease of use and the practicality of booking a court. It is becoming more and more common to find users sharing the results of their matches, checking the ranking of their competitors, colleagues and workmates and sharing pre and post-match photos.

A commitment to flexibility in flexible compensation benefits

Their commitment to the flexibility they offer to their customers, both in terms of booking the courts and unifying all the procedures on a single platform, led them to opt for a compensation plan for their employees that would also bring together all the benefits in a single application. “It is very important to Playtomic that our employees feel at ease and that they can use the benefits they are legally entitled to. It was important for us to be able to centralize the services as the activity is quite high and it is much easier to manage with Cobee”, says Georgiana Stroe, Head of Accounting & Payroll at Playtomic.

It is very important to Playtomic that our employees feel at ease and that they are able to use the benefits to which they are legally entitled.

Although they were already familiar with flexible remuneration and had experience with other types of plans, with Cobee they have achieved several objectives. “Before, we used to use paper tickets that the employee could spend, but the management was very difficult and it took a long time before the employees could use them. For the People team, it was difficult to recover the benefit that did not correspond to them, but with Cobee the process is practically automatic, the day they return the day they have the benefit at their disposal”, emphasizes Stroe. In addition, “with Cobee we have managed to get more people to come to the office, as our working model is hybrid or remote, because they meet their colleagues for lunch and use their card”.

 With Cobee we have managed to get more people to come to the office, as our working model is hybrid or remote, than in person, because they meet their colleagues for lunch out and use their card.

This new commitment to benefits for the workforce has been very well received by Playtomic employees. “We have a lot of benefits, sports, health insurance… This tool is very good for public transport or gastronomy, in short, it benefits the employee a lot”, adds Celia Pinilla, Demand Acquisition & Brand Manager at Playtomic.

A great adhesion among the workforce

The membership numbers for the card are impressive: “Practically all Playtomic employees use Cobee, we are 105 employees in Spain and all of them have it activated, in fact now with Cobee the benefit that has had the greatest growth has been the insurance policies, both for the employee himself and for family members, something we didn’t have before”, highlights Stroe.

Practically all Playtomic employees use Cobee, there are 105 of us and all of them have it activated.

Thanks to its collaboration with Cobee, Playtomic has been able to facilitate benefits management for the People team and offer the best services and benefits to employees so that they can make use of their flexible remuneration. “The savings are noticeable, Cobee is also able to tell you with certain data it has how much you save for each meal or for each payment you make with the card, so when you see it, you feel quite benefited,” Pinilla points out. 

He adds: “I have many friends who work in other companies, related to the world of consultancy. I have told them many times about Cobee, in fact, they see me paying with Cobee and they are always interested, I explain and show them the application which is very intuitive and they really like it”. 

“I recommend Cobee because it is super easy, you will have 100% control while keeping the staff delighted with all the services and benefits it offers,” concludes Georgiana Stroe. 

In addition, the good reception of Cobee’s plans in Spain has led Playtomic to also invest in this solution in other countries: “Our experience has been so positive with Cobee for employees in Spain that we have decided to extend our agreement with employees in Mexico“, concludes Playtomic’s People team.

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