Create the benefits plan that your team craves

We make the way in which you understand and manage your benefits plans for employees easier. Forever and always.

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An all-in-one platform with everything you need

  • Benefits that are brought together in one place and always available. Without intermediaries.
  • Automated processes and tasks, end of paperwork and manual management.
  • Models which are personalised and tailored a to each employee or group.
  • The same investment, just with triple the return: save money, time and improve wellbeing.

Your benefits plan in just 3 clicks

1. Add your employees

Create just one group or as many groups as you want to personalise your experience.

2. Select the plan

Give them te option to save directly from their salary, to have it charged to the company account or have any combination they wish.

Salary Sacrifice

  • The most popular savings: this allows your employees to set aside a part of their salary to pay for products and services at a lower price than if they bought them normally.
  • They can choose from: Meals, Transport, Nursery, Training…
  • Make their salary go further with significant tax savings.

Company Allowance in product

  • A wage supplement on top of their salary, made up of just one benefit or as many as you like:
  • You can choose from: Meals, Transport, Nursery, Training…
  • With an impact very similar to a pay rise

Company Allowance in a wallet

  • You decide upon the value and they spend it as they wish on the benefits and products you choose.
  • Opt for social benefits or allow them to spend it on any product.
  • With an impact very similar to a pay rise.


  • The best stores, with slashed prices. Where the sale never stops!
  • A marketplace in which you can find discounts for the best retailers: Amazon, Zalando, Nike, H&M




3. Activate the benefits

You can add new benefits with just one click. They’re always available and without any never-ending bargaining.











Improve the wellbeing of the whole company


50%Administrative tasks



Our stories

Because if your plan is a success, our motivation and enthusiasm will only grow. Every day we will continue to explore the big ol’ universe of benefits and bring you everything that, as of right now, doesn’t exist.

More and more customers are signing up to Cobee, do you fancy knowing why?


Carla Santamaría – HolaLuz

“The administrative workload has lessened considerable and, also, the employees have much more flexibility when it comes to choosing their benefits. Introducing Cobee at Holaluz has been a complete and utter succes”.

Garazi Marques – Glovo

“The employees here at Glovo love Cobee! Within four months, 80% of them have signed up to it thanks to the flexible salary package being digital and the fact the products are all brought together”.

Arancha Fernández – Línea Directa

“With Cobee we have increased employee adherence to benefit plans by 50% in less than a year”.

Patricia Pérez – Colvin

“The employees’ favourite part is how detailed and visually appealing the Cobee app is: they see straight away when then save money and when they redeem a benefit… In our office practically 100% of our employees are signed up to it!”

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